2021 Annual Jersey Shore Comedy Night

Friday, December 3, 2021
Holiday Inn Mainland, Rt. 72 East, Manahawkin, NJ

We are excited to gather for this event later this year for a night of laughter and special moments as we emerge from these challenging times.  

Together we can enjoy a fun-filled evening and raise awareness and funds for children with cancer and their families!

For questions or additional information, please reach out to: 
Joanne Wixler, FCCF Advisory Board, Event Co-Chair: 609-384-6555/ wixlers15@gmail.com 
Jeannie Golderer, Event Co-Chair:  609-709-1559/ jmgolderer@yahoo.com
Andrea Inauen, Executive Director, at 908-429-2121/exdir@fccf.info

Check back here soon for more information!