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“The Fighting Children’s Cancer Foundation (FCCF) provides needs-based financial assistance to families struggling with pediatric cancer. FCCF is committed to supporting these families in their efforts to improve their children’s quality of life.”

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The Fighting Children's Cancer Foundation's 2016 Holiday Giving Drive is Going On NOW!!

This year, the Holiday Giving Drive allows you do donate individually, or, better yet, CLICK HERE to see how you can join with friends and family to collectively raise funds for a specific family who needs your help!  The FCCF Holiday Giving Program gives funds to families in need so they can:

• Cover unexpected year-end expenses

• Buy presents for their kids during the holidays

• Enjoy a meal with family & loved ones

• Make sure their family can enjoy the holidays despite a cancer diagnosis

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We are committed to helping more families this year than ever before, but we need your support to make this giving possible.

Thank you!

The Foundation has the deepest respect and appreciation for the countless number of caregivers involved in helping a child through a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, grandparents, extended family...our hearts go out to you during National Family Caregiver Month and all year long for the love and care that help a child through the unimaginable.

Ideas to 'care' for the caregiver:  

  • Cook a home-made meal (let them know YOU are taking care of the dinner this time)
  • Spend some time with the child, siblings, or other family members so he/she can take a nap, run an errand, or find time to get that manicure/haircut/shower.
  • Bring games/magazines/journals or other small gifts to show him/her that you are thinking of them
  • Listen
  • Take care of some of the home responsibilities like the garbage cans, laundry, or other never-ending tasks.
  • Drop off non-perishables and home supplies that are often forgotten when running to the grocery store, like paper towels, tissues,  or plastic-ware.
  • Text, call, reach out regularly - reminding caregivers that you are there is the best way to show you care.

   Check out our NEWS section for more Foundation happenings, including photos from our recent Children's Fashion Show!




Please watch our short video to learn more about our foundation.
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The Fighting Children's Cancer Foundation (FCCF) provides needs-based financial assistance to families struggling with pediatric cancer.  Committed to supporting these families in their efforts to improve their children's quality of life, FCCF also strives to educate others about the challenges faced by families living with cancer and to generate additional support for their benefit.
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The Fighting Children’s Cancer Foundation hosts several events throughout the year. While their primary purpose is to raise funds for the families in need, they have become so much more. We believe there is power in the sharing of caring.

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Behind every child with cancer is a family that needs help. The Fighting Children's Cancer Foundation believes that the support we provide goes hand in hand with finding a cure for childhood cancer. We can't do it alone. We need your help.

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