Other Ways to Give

We know that life is precious and our mission is to impact those in need now and in the future. Donors have asked us for alternative ways to make contributions that maximize their support to families now and in the years ahead.  We welcome donations of all sizes in a manner that makes the most sense for those who are in a position to give.  Here are some opportunities to consider:

Outright gifts

Current gifts can be most anything of value and will be considered by FCCF based on our gift acceptance policy.  Gift types are cash or check, real estate, appreciated securities, art and valuables.

Making a Stock Donation

Donating long-term appreciated securities, which may include stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, is a wonderful way to maximize your tax deduction and impact more children in need. Please consult with us and your tax advisor for more information and to initiate a gift of stock.

Gifts that offer living benefits to the donor

For those who may be in position to make a large-scale contribution, first and foremost, thank you.  We would be glad to meet with you and your tax advisor to determine the scope of this giving. Your contribution could be allocated for either operations or endowment.  We can discuss the steps involved in using a Donor-Advised Fund, and what makes the most sense for you in your individual circumstances.

Gifts payable on the death of the donor (often referred to as planned gifts)

Donors have asked us how to continue their legacy in the event of their passing.  Their hope is to leave a legacy that continues to change the lives of children fighting cancer.  Here are some planned giving opportunities to consider:

  • Naming the Fighting Children's Cancer Foundation in your will.  A gift through your estate will continue to help children and families for years to come.
  • Donating Retirement Funds by beneficiary designation. Some non-retirement accounts may be titled Transfer on Death (TOD) or Payable on Death (POD).  If you are inclined, there is a TOD Form ("Transfer on Death Form") available from FCCF.
  • Life Insurance can be made payable to FCCF in more than way, via beneficiary designation, through the will if the estate is made beneficiary,  and by assignment.

Please contact Robert Medley, Executive Director, at 908-429-2121 or email exdir@fccf.info with questions.  On behalf of all the children and families you are helping, thank you for being part of the Fighting Children's Cancer Foundation.