Hear From Those You Have Helped

Dear Fighting Children's Cancer Foundation,
I just want to say how much your kindness means to us.
Fighting childhood cancer has been the most difficult time in our lives. Our son David has shown us what strength really is.  To have your eight year old smile at you when he is feeling so sick is heart breaking, it takes my breath away.  

Your foundation has helped us is so many ways I can not put into words.  Thank you so much for all you do, and please know that you give so many families the ability to not worry so much about rent and many more financial pressures.

Much love to you all.

Big Hugs, David's family

Dear FCCF,
Certainly no parent is ever prepared to hear "your child has cancer" much less endure the utter shock and deep sadness that comes with such devastating news. You want to pull your child close and would do anything to absorb his pain and ease the suffering. You're immediately swept up in an avalanche of worry, uncertainty, and despair. Due to our family having recently relocated to the Northeast, without a strong network of family and friends, the overwhelming feeling of helplessness is even more intensified. The day Liam was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, his doctors assured us our family would not fight this battle alone....We're committed to seeing our son to a full recovery and want to place all of our energy and focus on Liam's treatment as one or both of his parents will always be at his side until we win this battle. 

The generous support of FCCF is deeply appreciated and will assist us in taking time away from our jobs and will assist with medical bills, additional child care and a multitude of other related expenses few families are prepared to handle. Words simply cannot express how blessed we feel and in awe of the many people in our community offering their support in our battle against this very real monster we all know as childhood cancer.

Thank you and God bless,
Liam's family