Sponsor a Pig!

SPONSOR A PIG!  We have a new 'class' of pigs that were painted by courageous heroes at our Hope's Promise Family Day in June.  They need a home! Here is how it works:

- Adopt a ceramic piggy bank that comes with a sign showing who painted it and why.

- Feed the piggy bank!  You can fill it with loose change found in your car or around the house, or the piggy can be part of family and friend BBQs and events.  Put your child in charge of the pig as part of his/her involvement in a charitable cause. 

- When the pig is full, empty it and get the funds to the Foundation by cash, check, or make the donation on-line (it can be a great mathematics activity for kids, or some local banks like BCB have coin counters to make it easier!)  All funds go to help more kids who are fighting!

- Call 908-429-2121 or email exdir@fccf.info with questions or to get started!