Helpful Fundraising Tips

Email Campaign:

An email campaign can help share your connection to FCCF with the special people in your life and raise important dollars to support families.  Here are some ‘best practice’ tips:
Catch the reader’s attention: Make the purpose clear in the subject line. 

Let’s Help a Child Fighting Cancer this Season.  

Sponsor a Child Fighting Cancer with Me This Holiday Season 

Please Help Me Raise Funds for a Child Fighting Cancer & Their Family This Year

Personalize your email: Share a story about your personal connection to FCCF and why you decided to participate in the FCCF Holiday Giving Drive. Your contacts want to know what makes this cause important to YOU.  Here’s a sample email:

Dear (friends name), Did you know that nearly 500 children in New Jersey are diagnosed with cancer every year?  This is higher than all but five other states in the US!  Also, 75% of families with a child with cancer will have to reduce working or stop working all together to care for their child.  I am raising funds this holiday season to support these heroic kids and families.  

All funds for the FCCF Holiday Giving Drive go directly to families.  Funds will help families buy gifts for their children, enjoy a family meal together, or take care of year-end bills that families cannot pay.  My personal goal is to raise $500, which will sponsor one family in need.  We will be notified of the family we directly have helped when we reach this goal.  

Thank you, your help is greatly appreciated! Make your donation to my page today by clicking here: (insert link to your personal donation page here) Or, sign up to join my team: (insert link to your team page here)  Thank you so much for your support! 

Follow up: Check-in weekly to remind them about the mission, to share how close you are to reaching your goal, and to ask them to support you/your goals to make a difference.

Social Media:

Be Active & Engaging:  Use status updates, tweets, blogs, or videos to share your motivation for sponsoring a child and family.  Do this often and early. The more reminders of how hard you are working towards your goal, the more people are inclined to give.  

Example:  Today I put aside my coffee & lunch $ to help me reach my goal of sponsoring a child fighting cancer this December.  Who is with me?  (insert link to your personal donation page) 

Example:  I am 50% of the way towards my goal - let’s practice the true meaning of the season and help a child and family in need.  (insert link to your personal donation page)

Click Here to download this information in PDF format.  For More Tips, Tools, or Questions, email or call 908-429-2121. Thank you for changing the lives of children fighting cancer this holiday season!