Helping 96 Families at the Holidays!

Holiday Giving 2022

Each year the Fighting Children's Cancer Foundation aims to assist 100 New Jersey Families during the holidays by providing them with gifts of $500 to spend as they'd like...perhaps buying gifts for their children, spending time together as a family, or paying some bills. The hope is this money gives them some relief as they continue to see their child through cancer treatment.

We are pleased to announce that within the next week, 96 children and their families will be receiving gifts of $500 each to help them celebrate the holidays. All of these children have cancer and all of these families are struggling emotionally, physically and financially because of it. But through your generosity and support of FCCF, we're able to help these families.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our mission, your ongoing support of these children and families!Jersey ShoreCharlotte