Celebrating Survivors!

Celebrating Cancer Survivor Month!survivor

At the Fighting Children's Cancer Foundation we are working to assist families as they fight the cancer battle alongside their child. The diagnosis and treatment are bad enough, but often financial challenges arise at the same time. We seek to ease the burden for these families.

At the same time, we are always hoping for the best outcome, and many of these children do triumph...and we celebrate with them!

Sunday, June 4th, FCCF celebrated Cancer Survivor Day with the community of St. Joseph's Children's Hospital, Paterson. We were happy to be invited and to support this event. We spent the afternoon with children and families who are among the 18 million cancer survivors living in the USA. It was a great day!

These children have received good news, but often they still need our support. Often there are lingering effects from their cancer treatment and they have to adjust to life as a survivor. And so, even as we assist families currently being treated, let us remember, especially during the month of June (Cancer Survivor Month), those who have survived and are still part of our family!

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Thank you for making a difference!